For the Halloween theme, we were inspired mainly by videos on YouTube. These are of course primarily from the U.S., since the festival is celebrated there very large. We particularly liked the fact that many families give their place or house itself a name. We liked that very much. And so we thought back and forth for quite a while about what we could call “Halloween at the Old School”. Then the idea came to us. Since we live in an old school that is haunted by Halloween, we quickly translated it into English. Thus the “Old School Haunter” were born. Loosely translated, it means something like “old school ghost hunters”. 

At the same time our channel on YouTube was born. There you can find videos of Halloween, craft videos and more info. It’s best to check it out and subscribe so you don’t miss any of our videos.

The Logo

After we found a name, we had the idea to create a logo. Since I had already designed a logo for the website of the old school, it was obvious to take this logo as a basis. The tower of the house is very prominent in Quohren and so I wanted to keep this logo. So the existing logo was simplified to transport the spirit of Halloween. It is deliberately kept plain and simple and should also find its place on the yard at future Halloween celebrations.