The Old School in Quohren is a place with history. But also a rather quiet place since no more schoolchildren go to school here. But exactly on October 31, it has been over with the quiet for 3 years, because then witches, ghosts and zombies conquer the school. At least for a few hours.

It all started on a small scale in 2019. I decorated for Halloween for the first time and used projections on windows, garage and tower. Actually more for the family, but already in 2019 there were the first visitors who were thrilled by the projections.

For 2020, big plans for the decorations were initially planned, but the pandemic slowed me down. In order to put a sparkle in the eyes of the children, who already had to do without so much, I decided to build a smaller version of the planned decoration. Everything was set up so that it could be easily seen from the street. Despite the small version, all the visitors who walked by that evening were happy. The candy was pre-packaged beforehand and attached to skeleton hands for a non-contact handover.

In 2021, I decided to take Halloween up a notch. A tour of the farm was created, which was planned on the one hand, but also necessary due to the pandemic. After a week of set-up, the time had finally come, and so on October 31 at 5 p.m. the gates opened to the “creepy school.” Lovingly decorated and equipped with all kinds of light, fog and video effects, the children and adults could marvel at and experience all kinds of ghosts, zombies, witches and vampires on the little creepy tour.

Among other things, there was a mysterious monster box that suddenly came to life when you approached it. Zombies in a pit started moaning and groaning as you walked by and wanted to grab visitors. A little girl on a rocking horse started rocking and singing as if by magic when you walked past her. Directly in front of the house stood the colorfully lit witch’s cauldron surrounded by many little witch hats. And through the cellar window a burglar apparently wanted to get into the cellar. He hadn’t gotten far, however, because the wiggling legs were still peeking out.

At the exit, there was a small graveyard to marvel at. There were skeletons sitting around and one was even hiding behind a big tombstone, always looking out and waving to everyone.

A witch and 3 pumpkins sang funny songs and made faces. Skeletons danced to the beat of the music in the garage and ghosts made their mischief on the tower clock as well as on the windows. Some children did several rounds on the tour and in the late evening a few of them even tried to dance after the dancing skeletons at the garage.

I built many of the structures myself, and I always make sure that they are suitable for children, so that even our little ones will have fond memories of Halloween. And it should be said: Not everything that adults may find scary, the children also feel that way. I was very surprised at some points what the children find funny, even though it was a little creepy.

At 9 p.m. the haunting was over again and the spooky school turned back into the old school as you know it.

But as we all know, after Halloween is before Halloween. And so I already have a lot of ideas and plans for Halloween 2022. I am already looking forward to all visitors when it says again “The Scary School of Quohren opens the gates”.

More information about the “Scary School” is also available on the YouTube channel OldSchoolHaunter.

And so Quohren has another highlight, albeit for a single night.

Walkthrough 2021