Due to Covid19, Halloween 2020 was on the brink. We thought back and forth for a long time as to whether or not we should put up our decorations. Finally we decided on a smaller structure that could be seen from the street. The concept worked and the children who came by had fun with it.

There was a lot to see and there were new elements. Our spider had moved from the tree to the mailbox and surrounded it with a web of cobwebs. Right next to it at the courtyard gate, our “Monster in a Box” caused a stir. A harmless little box that just waits for visitors to pass. Then the monster wakes up.

At the last minute the small scene of a cemetery was created. This then accompanied the visitor to our “singing pumpkins”. The pumpkins were sitting on a bench, looking around and doing all sorts of nonsense. Digital videos were used here. I had put together a mixture of the videos from “Jack’O Lantern Jamboreen 1 and 2” from AtmosFX. Right next to the singing pumpkins stood our bubbling and smoking cauldron. A few ghosts had lost their way into the tree and on the flower bowls sat small skeletons that look as if they were talking.

The requirements for avoiding contact from regulated by the Covid19 prevention were also implemented. So there were a few skeleton arms right next to the courtyard gate, on which there were always small pre-packed bags with the sweets. That was of course a big highlight for the children, because you don’t get your sweets from a skeleton hand every day.

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The use of digital videos was further expanded. So ghosts in the house flew from one window to the next and 3 pumpkins sat on a small bench, telling jokes and singing songs. Compared to the previous year, this time 4 projectors were used to present the digital content. Of course, that leaves room for improvement for Halloween 2021. Because after Halloween is before Halloween and the preparations are already in full swing. So you can be excited again.