Easter is over and the preparations for Halloween 2021 start. This year I am starting these preparations with an experiment. I would like to try to grow the pumpkins myself from pumpkin seeds, which I got from the giant pumpkin I grew in 2020. I got this plant ready for planting from the hardware store.

Halloween-Pumpkin-Experiment 2021
Halloween Pumpkin 2020

Due to the success in growing the giant pumpkin, I have now had the ambition to grow the pumpkin myself. After the failure to pull the pumpkin from the seeds, at the beginning of 2020 I looked a little bit to see what should be considered and what options there are. I came across the following 3 approaches:

  1. Simply plant the seeds
  2. Soak and plant the seeds
  3. Roughen, soak and plant the seeds

I would like to test these 3 approaches and see which one works for me. The whole pumpkin experiment can be found here in full length

A video for the first part can be seen on the Old School Haunter channel.