You would like to get into the topic of digital window projection for Halloween or the Christmas season?
Or do you already use window projections?
Digital window decorations are very popular and besides the projector and the videos, the projection surface plays an important role.
Projecting videos on a window alone does not bring much success, because the light of the beamer simply goes through the glass.
Thus, there will be no image on the window and your viewers will not be impressed.
To get the image on the window you need a projection surface.
For this, different materials can be used, but in the end they can bring different results.
I have therefore looked at different materials for you, which I consider usable and have tested them once.
Light transmission, color and the nature of the material itself play an important role.

And in this video I test for you once 12 different materials that can be used for projection on the window.
I was quite surprised by the results of some of the materials.

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