AtmosFX has simplified the use of their videos for digital projections on Halloween. They now offer a single video which combines 6-7 different AtmosFX videos from their Halloween packages. This eliminates the need to build your own playlist to play or the time-consuming cutting of videos to combine the single downloads of all the packages.

For the beginner this is a very good possibility to get a quick start into the world of digital decorations with the help of AtmosFX videos.

So if you don’t have time before Halloween to cut single videos to one big one or if you are a beginner in digital decoration, this is a great solution. The videos were compiled by AtmosFX and contain scenes from different packages.

What are the Playlists

Fright Nights

For those who want a few scares. This video contains six different scenes of AtmosFX Digital Decorations and is perfect for a Halloween night.

Trick-or-Treaters Greeters

Trick-or-Treaters Greeters is a family friendly collection of seven different AtmosFX Digital Decorations. It is designed to be kids friendly and to entertain your visitors visiting your home haunt.

Host Of Ghosts

This collection contains many ghosts, all the time and they are looking forward to enterain your visitors. Ghosts materialize from six different AtmosFX Digital Decorations, including popular Ghostly Apparitions 3**.

** This link takes you to the AtmosFX webpage and is part of the Affiliate program of AtmosFX