AtmosFX has released the third part of the funny singing pumpkins on August, 11th 2021. A good reason to take a look at the new third part. I would like to show you what is included in the new video package and what you can look forward to when you use the pumpkins as digital decoration.

2021-08-13 Review AtmosFX Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree 3 Review Recording
2021-08-13 Review AtmosFX Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree 3 Review Recording

Where to buy?

Jack-O-Lantern bei AtmosFX kaufen**

Review on the YouTube channel of Old School Haunter

If you like watching videos instead of reading, check out the review on the YouTube channel.

What is included?

3 videos with new songs
4 videos with funny stories
2 videos with scary stories

2021-08-13 Review AtmosFX Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree 3
2021-08-13 Review AtmosFX Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree 3

3 new videos with music

The first new video is the Inro of the Adams Family. I think that many people know this weird family. Since this family is all about death, it’s very fitting for Halloween.

The second song is the intro of the Ghostbusters. This song should also be known by many people. In the film everything revolves around the theme of ghosts and therefore it fits perfectly.

The third song is the Monste Mash by Bobby Picket from 1964. The song itself is older, but the theme and lyrics fit very well for Halloween.

4 videos with funny stories

Here are 4 videos with funny stories, rhymes and poems.

Video 1 is based on the nursery rhyme “London Bridge is falling down”, here is a little poem for Halloween.It is about the fun of Halloween, collecting the candy and that there is a stomachache at the end because you have eaten too much.

Video 2 is a collection of little limericks. These are always very short and there are a total of 9 of them in this video.

Video 3 is a rhyme based on the children’s saying “Ringel Ringel Reihe wir sind der Kinder Dreie”. The text was adapted to Halloween, so that there are all sorts of funny parts to smile about.

Video 4 is based on “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and also here the lyrics are adapted to Halloween. The song or rhyme is usually very well known and every child at least recognizes that the Halloween poem is based on the little spider.

2 spooky stories

The first story is about haunted houses. The story itself seems a bit spooky because of the deep voice of the narrator. But this also fits into the special mood of the story.

The second story is the story of Sleepy Hollow. This tale from 1819 is already something special in the collection. The narrator is the pumpkin in the middle and on the pumpkins to the right and left of the narrator, pictures are always faded in to match the text. This literally brings the story to life. I personally find this very nice in the implementation. The story itself is, however, with 5 minutes also the longest in the new package of pumpkins.

Make pumpkins yourself? No problem, here are the instructions on how to make a pumpkin out of Styrofoam.

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