It’s half way to Halloween. For that reason, AtmosFX is doing a huge sale with 25% off until May 9, 2022. I use many of these things as digital decorations myself. So I know what I am talking about. You can see examples about how I use these decorations on my YouTube channel OldSchoolHaunter .

Lustige Singende Kürbisse **
Bone Chillers 2 – Tanzende Skelette **
Boo Crew – Lustige Geister **
Hallween Moon – Silhouetten vor dem Mond **

Here are some examples what you can get in the sale:

  • “Rising Corpse” – The dead rise from the graves
  • “Scarecrow Surpriese” – The scarecrow in front of the Halloween moon creates a spooky atmosphere
  • “Scared Sheetless” – When ghosts scare themselves, it can only be the fun spirits of the Boo Crew
  • “Season’s Greetings” – Sam creates a spooky mood
  • “Seductive Sirens” – The sirens cast their spell on us
  • “Silly Monster Scares” – These funny monsters are definitely for kids
  • “Silly Skeletons” – Skeletons can be very funny and they have time for it too
  • “Silly Tales” – Our 3 funny pumpkins on the patio tell ghost stories >> see how to setup the scene
  • “Sinister Spinster” – This house lady you would rather not have in your house
  • “Skeleton Dance” – Skeletons can just lie around? Not this one…they’re doing a dance for us
  • “Witching Hour” – The dear witch who usually has something go wrong when she does magic
  • …. and much much more

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** This is an affiliate link. By using the link YOU DO NOT SPEND extra money, but support me.