That I like video projection very much can be seen impressively Halloween. But also New Year’s Eve 2021/2022 I used such projections to start the new year. This is not a classic projection mapping of a house facade, but I simply used the house as a mega screen to play the projection.

The creation of the projection took a few days and I used a lot of freely available videos. The music I took in this case from the media library of YouTube Studio. There is a lot of music there that you can use and then upload to videos on YouTube without any problems.

The result is impressive and caused a lot of amazed faces on the street on New Year’s Eve 2021/2022. And the nice thing about digital fireworks is…you can just press “play” again and wow all the viewers once more.

Watch the Show

You can watch the video directly below, or you jump the the Youtube channel of OldSchoolHaunter and discover some more interesting videos of DIY projects.