The year 2021 is over and OldSchoolHaunter starts into the new year 2022. And of course we like to start together with you. We wish everyone a healthy new year and a good start. Above all, health is certainly the most important thing in the current time. May all your wishes come true.

The list of projects for Halloween 2022 is full to bursting and there are all kinds of new projects on the schedule. After the success of Halloween 2021, the bar has of course been raised again. In any case, let us surprise you with what’s in store. Everyone who passes by can already have a look at the work during the year. Of course, we make sure that a lot of things are kept secret, but everything can’t be hidden. One or the other could already catch a glimpse before Halloween 2021.

And so it will certainly be again this year. But it’s nice to have an onlooker drop by for a bit of enchantment. As always, the final result can only be viewed on Halloween.

With this in mind, the OldSchoolHaunter team wishes everyone a spooky new year 2022.

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