Christmas is the time of rest and contemplation. This is also true for Old School Haunter. We take a little rest during this time to recharge our batteries for upcoming projects. The year 2021 was packed with projects and product launches in the context of Halloween and Christmas. And when I look back on it all, it’s been a very good start for the project.

E.g. you could see the following projects:

  • pumpkins made of styrofoam
  • a video about craquelure technique to reproduce old paint
  • a video about rust on wood
  • the ghost flight with a wooden mast that looks like a rusted metal mast
  • a living zombie pit

But I can promise one thing already. The list of new projects for the Halloween season 2022 is filled to the brim and is getting longer instead of shorter. So you can be curious what new projects are waiting for you.

You can find all the videos of the product presentations in the context of digital decoration using beamers as well as all the projects on the Youtube channel of OldSchoolHaunter.

Thanks for 333 subscribers

Furthermore, there is still something to celebrate in Christmas 2021. The Youtube channel of OldSchoolHaunter has 333 subscribers. For this reason I would like to say thank you. Thanks to all subscribers and all who support my channel. I create the videos, but without you as viewers, as a community, the channel would not be what it is.

I am always happy when you use the comments to get in touch with me. I then try to implement the feedback. I’m happy to answer questions and if it’s a bigger question, it can result in a whole new video. So you see that the comments are important for me. This is your opportunity to help me to shape the video.

Christmas greetings

But now it’s time for a few days of rest. I wish you a wonderful Christmas in the circle of family, friends, acquaintances, with the pet or whoever else lives with you. Enjoy the time and I look forward to welcoming you back after Christmas.

Christmas greeting in the digital version