I am especially happy about today’s product review, because timofischerprojects from Germany has released an own set of 4 singing Christmas candles. The singing candles are running as digital decoration and are a good asset in this area of digital projections. I haven’t seen anything like these singing candles before either.

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What’s included?

The set consists of 4 singing Christmas candles that sing to us 4 songs and tell a Christmas story. The videos are available in window mode, wall mode and special mode “candles”. Thereby, the wall mode can definitely be used for TV to have Christmas mood in the living room on Sunday afternoon.

  • Kling Glöckchen kling
  • Morgen Kinder wirds was geben
  • Leise rieselt der Schnee
  • O du fröhliche
  • Knecht Ruprecht (Christmas story)

All display modes are designed in such a way that on the one hand there are all the songs for each Advent and on the other hand the candles are asleep if their Advent has not yet arrived. This means that there are 20 videos per display mode that can be used. In addition, there are 4 buffer scenes that can be run in between.

Wall Mode presented on TV

The wall mode is shown by the fact that the outside around the candles is black. This allows the candles to be projected on the when and everything around the candles is quasi transparent. The wall mode can also be used very well on the TV. In the example you see here the first advent, because only one candle is awake and all others are sleeping.

Window Mode

The window mode has a great add-on compared to the wall mode and the videos are available here in portrait and landscape format. The great thing about the window mode is an ice edge, which is already integrated in the video and thus spreads a nice wintry mood. Here you can see the window mode in portrait format. But there is also the landscape mode, when the window is wider than high. In the example you can see the third advent, because 3 candles are awake.

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Candle Mode

The candle mode is different from window and wall mode, because here you can see only the faces of the candlers. In the example I have projected the faces on candles with a diameter of 10cm. You can light the candles and it looks like the real candles really have faces. But this mode can also be used very well outdoors, if you have 4 big candles in front of the house, then you can let them sing.


All in all, the idea of have singing candles on a wreath as a digital Christmas decoration is a funny and well implemented.

The classic Christmas songs are a good choice from my point of view, because Christmas is after all a thoughtful and quiet holiday. But I also like the fact that some of the songs use a modern version. So you see you can combine traditional elements of Christmas with modern ones.

What I find very funny about the candles is, that they are sleeping when they are not lit. So you have the possibility to wake up a candle at each weekend before Christmas and light it up virtually. A funny fact about the candles I like very much is, that they perform some kind of dance when they are singing. And this motion bringt additional life into the whole projection.

In the window mode you will also get a horizontal of the video in addition to the vertical ons I showed you. And the reason for that is, that the ice frame you saw, is already included in the projection. So having a vertical and horizontal version of the video is obvious at this point. In addition to that, the ice frame brings some kind of winter mood into the projection.

The candle mode is a funny idea, and brings some interesting possibilities for projections into game. But it can be a little difficult to set it up inside the house. Because on the one hand you some space for candles and on the other hand you need space for projector. If you want to setup it up temporary, this is no big deal. Just put everything onto a table and you are done. And at the end, you simply put it away. But if you want to set ip up permanently you have to find a place where nobody steps onto the candles or the projector.

However. In my point of view, the candle mode has a limitation because the face are only available in red color. So no other color is available. And this might limit you to use red candle. In my opinion, there is potential to make this mode a bit more flexible. But in the end you also can project those red faces onto white or yellow candles. There is no limitation of course. If you try it out, then please let me know about it and write your results to the comment section of this video.

In conclusion, I can say that the work of timofischprojects was well worth it. Having singing candles as digital Christmas decoration is great add-on in the world of digital projections. I will definitely use those candles inside my Christmas decoration and let the candles sing on my window.

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