Not only Halloween is decorated with us, but also during the Christmas season. For this I built a tree in the style of “The Grinch” or “Nightmare before Christmas”. The only drawback of the tree…you can’t take it apart. And so it stands waiting until the end of November in the shed in the corner.

But then comes the big day. Together with 4 Advent candles the tree decorates the old loading ramp in front of the house. At every Advent, of course, one more candle is switched on, so that we have a big Advent wreath with a Christmas tree in front of our house.

It is clear that Christmas is traditional, but still the influences of Halloween mix in. For the construction I have provided a video on my YouTube channel.

At the window above the tree, projections are used again, of course. This is done as part of a digital Christmas calendar, where every day one more door is opened. What might be hiding behind the doors? I can already reveal one thing. There are also video of singing snowman.