The project “Crazy telephone Booth” is now longer “on hold”. The work on it started October 2021 just before Halloween, but unfortunately there was no time to finish this shapely phone holder. The idea for the form itself comes from movies such as Corpse Bride by Tim Burtons. These are always about the really weird side of Halloween and how these can be implemented in a very creative way.

Also in Tim Burton’s movies the buildings are all very extravagant and weird. And that’s exactly what I wanted to implement with this telephone column as well. The back wall becomes wider towards the top. On top there is a round roof that is also slanted in itself. And also the sides themselves become wider from the bottom to the top.

Even though it looks complicated, it is a relatively simple project. It can be implemented even just before Halloween. And it is also a very universal Halloween decoration. Because besides a phone, other objects can also be placed on it. Furthermore, this holder can be attached to the wall or to a pillar. Or in the end, it can simply be placed in a niche to fill.

All in all, it was a very nice project for me and not much is needed in terms of materials. A few old boards from a pallet, plywood for the sides and roof, and 2 short chains and paint are all that is needed. I have published a detailed building instruction on the YouTube channel of Old School Haunter.

In my case, I use a phone on the column for which I created a separate “Review of the vintage Ghost Phone”. Feel free to take a look and get some info on it. It’s especially interesting for those who have been toying with the idea of buying it, but are unsure.