It’s getting close to Halloween and AtmosFX has released a new set for digital decoration.

Spectral Signs is a set with which you can turn your windows or walls into a scene for supernatural activities.

Hands appear out of nowhere, messages are written as if by magic hand and strange footprints confuse your visitors. This is a set you can “just” throw in for good surprise effect. After all, who expects messages from nowhere or hands that suddenly appear.

Where can I get the set?

Spectral Signs is available here.*

What is included?

Haunted Handprints

Hands that appear as if by magic on your wall or window.

Fearful Footprints

Footprints that will chill down your spine.

Words of Warning 2

Messages appear out of nowhere and warn your visitors of what is to come.


  • 1080p HD Video Files in .MP4 Format
  • Horizontal and Vertical Orientations Included
  • Color Options: Blood Red, Ectoplasmic Green, Cold Blue, and Phantom Purple
  • Lighting Options: Standard, Lightning, Flashlight, and Blacklight

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